Distinctive Artistic Hingel Mantısı

Hingel Mantisi Recipes

The Hıngel recipe, which is able to take its place amongst your favourite dinner recipes with its scrumptious style and trendy presentation. Let’s get you to the kitchen!

Elements for the Hinge Ravioli Recipe

  • 4 glasses of flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 teaspoons of rock salt
  • 1 glass of water

Make Hinge Ravioli Recipe?

  1. First, let’s combine the dough components by slowly including the water. Let’s get a tough dough and let the dough relaxation for half an hour.
  2. To organize our stuffing, let’s peel the potatoes, lower them into squares and boil them. After boiling, mash nicely.
  3. First, let’s fry the finely chopped onions in a pan with olive oil, then add the tomato paste.
  4. Let’s fry a bit of extra, add the potatoes and spices in accordance with the will, and switch off the range. Let’s let our stuffing cool.
  5. Let’s make our rested dough into 3 meringues. Let’s cowl them and relaxation for 10 minutes. Let’s flour the counter whereas opening the meringue, let’s open it in regular ravioli thickness.
  6. Let’s get spherical dough with the assistance of a water glass and put our potato mortar in them and form them by closing them from the perimeters.
  7. When you discover it tough to form, you can also make it like a bundle, you can too get the identical form by making a knot. Let’s put the khingels we formed on a big floured tray.
  8. Let’s lower the items that come out whereas shaping the khingels. Let’s fry them in loads of sizzling oil. Let’s boil water in a deep pot and throw the khingels into it one after the other, the cooked ones will come to the floor of the pot.
  9. Let’s put it on a serving plate and when the primary temperature rises, let’s drizzle garlic yogurt on it as desired.
  10. In response to your style, you may warmth the butter within the pan, add floor pepper and pour it on the plate. Lastly, let’s put the fried dough on it. Get pleasure from your meal.